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UnWINEd is our series that focuses on anything fun related to wine and cocktails that we’ve stumbled on across the internet. Without further ado…

Vodka made with Sweet Potatoes. What?!?

Chelai had the pairing of wine and cheesecake before. She never would have thought to do it but it was really good. Here’s a recipe and info on that pairing.Amaretto_Cheesecake9

This looks so delicious and I bet it would go well with the LoCo White Wine from 8 Chains North (post coming up soon) or the MacIntosh Run from Port Leondardtown Winery.
Making wine at home…if you do this, call us…we’ll be right over!

This cocktail reminds us of the winter. We bet it’s good….
If you still need a last minute Christmas gift for that wine lover, this would be great! Taking this to wineries and picnics would be so easy and convenient. May have to get one for our wine crew.


Happy Friday!