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When Kelley and I go wine hopping we don’t always travel alone. Wine is always fun with friends! Enter the Doc (the Mrs.) and the Nurse (the Mr.). The four of us have been known for spending the afternoon at a wine festival or a winery just kicking back and sipping away. Anyway, when my Instagram feed showed our local Whole Foods (Old Town) had “Winesday,” I asked the Doc if she was interested in checking it out. She was, so we popped up in for a visit.

Winesday is an opportunity to taste 5 wines with 5 food samples for $5. It’s on Wednesdays from 5-7pm and each week there is a new theme. When we went, the theme was “Casablanca Nights.” All the food was inspired by Morocco.


When you arrive, someone at the door greets you, you pay then are given a wine glass. A highlight is that next time you come back (and you will come back), bring your wine glass and you pay $4. So essentially you are going to happy hour at Whole Foods for $4. Cheap fun is always good! You also get a program that gives a synopsis of each course and the wine paired with it. Then, you get all the recipes from that evening except the dessert. That part is a bummer because our dessert was pretty yummy.

The wines all paired really well with the small bites. And, they were pretty generous on the food. You won’t be full but you will be satisfied.

You’ll see the courses listed above in the picture so I won’t go through each one but I’ll share a few highlights. My favorite was the Lamb Tangine. The Doc said she’s making it so I’m waiting with bated breath for our dinner invitation. Whole Foods paired it with a Rhone. This was a first time having a Rhone and well, I didn’t like it very much. A bit too dry. I probably would have gone with the Malbec for this one. It really paired well with the exotic flavors in the lentil soup and I think it would have gone well with lamb, too. Since Malbecs are Argentinian wines, they tend to complement international dishes with lots a spices very well in my opinion. This Malbec was slightly robust and had a nice finish that lingered just a bit.

The 4th course was the Hummus (pictured above). This was good. I’m making it and I’ll post that recipe up on the blog. In case you don’t know, hummus and wine go really well together. Something about those chickpeas gives wine a great balance. When we go wine hopping, we usually have hummus to snack on. This particular hummus was sweet thanks to the butternut squash and paired very well with the Reisling. The sweetness of the squash and the sweetness of the Reisling weren’t overly sweet when combined but balanced. Maybe since the squash is a savory sweet and the wine is a fruit sweet they meshed well.  And, I think because Reislings are light bodied, the wine didn’t overpower the uniqueness of the dish. Doc bought this bottle of wine.

I almost bought the Sauvignon Blanc but changed my mind because eventhough it paired really well with the carrot salad, I didn’t really like it alone. I have come to realize that I really like Sauvignon Blanc in my food and with my food but alone I just don’t enjoy it much. Kind of odd but true. As far as the Moscoto, they are usually a little too sweet for my taste but I did think it was pretty good with the cheesecake and never would have thought about that pairing.

If you come to the Winesday at Whole Foods in Old Town Alexandria and see me, please say “hi” and don’t forget to bring your glass!

Until next time,