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Why so dark?? We're at the BTB speakeasy!

Why so dark?? We’re at the BTB speakeasy!

Have you been to a speakeasy before? If not, we’re here to school you. A speakeasy is a small, intimate bar that is usually hidden from the main street. There is usually no signage, no website and you’ll need a password and/or reservation to get in. Speakeasies started during the prohibition era when folks would go to buildings that hid bars in order to grab a drink. There are several speakeasies in the DMV but our favorite is the BTB Speakeasy. Why, you ask? Because the drinks, snacks and bartenders are great! It’s located in Southern Maryland, Leonardtown to be exact. We like to pop in after a visit to Port of Leondardtown Winery since we are already down that way.

BTB stands for Behind the Bookcase and that it is. When you pull up it looks like you are going into a coffee shop but behind the bookcase is the speakeasy. Just pick up the phone and say the password (which you can get from the Barista). The venue seats about 20. The drink menu is creative with the Capone Rita as a signature drink. It also happens to be Kelley’s favorite. As jazz and mellow music plays, you can talk with your friends and just sit back with a great cocktail. The lights are low to create an intimate environment and since its a speakeasy…speak-easy. No yelling, loud noise just a mellow venue to come chill at. And, if you where a fedora your first drink is half off. Ladies, that goes for you, too!

As far as food goes, we recommend the Hissy Fit Dip. It’s a sausage dip with a creamy sauce. OMG. And although we didn’t have it, we saw the cheese platter and that looked great. We said we’d get that next time.

If you decide to visit, let us know what you think and don’t forget your fedora.