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We visited 8 Chains North for the first time and were not disappointed. Located in Purcellville, the tasting room was lively when we arrived eventhough they were closing in a hour. They have a very nice fireplace with two cozy big chairs that just called you but since we were ready to eat, we did our tasting and will try to snag those spots for another day.

Tasting are $8 and include 5 wines. I liked the 2012 LoCo Vino ($18) which is their white table wine.  It’s a blend of 45% Vidal Blanc, 35% Traminette and 20% Sauvignon Blanc. I could definitley taste the Traminette and a hint of the Sauvignon. It has a nice finish that wasn’t too sweet but with a hint of the tropics. I’m thinking that’s from the Traminette. We picked up a bottle of it and it was so good with the caramel chocolate we tasted that I picked some up the next day and devoured it with the wine.


Kelley also liked the 2013 8 Chains North West Syrah and the 2013 8 Chains North West Tempranillo. Their “West Wines” are from grapes grown in Washington State. The Syrah was good but Kelley really liked the Tempranillo the most. This was our first time tasting a Tempranillo. The wine was smooth but had some boldness without being overpowering. We could tell it had been aged in oak off the bat. Definitely would be great with tomato based dishes.

Kelley asked our tasting room assistant if red wines were their specialty (3 of the 5 wines on the tasting menu are red). He told us that if the winemaker had his way, everything would probably be red. So, for red wine lovers, this could very well be your favorite winery.

Purchase: LoCo Vino

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