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We love Proseccos. They are lighter, fruitier and not as dry as Champagnes. The Doc and the Nurse invited us and another couple over to dinner. Normally we would ask what they were serving but I read on another blog that its bad manners. Is it really?? Anyway, we just decided to use this as a chance to be creative. What is a wine that goes over well with diverse taste buds, is versatile and complementary? Prosecco!

There was an article in the December issue of the Costco Magazine about their Kirkland Asolo Prosecco so we decided to give it a try. Apparently, they’ve had this before as a DOC but the current offering DOCG which is supposed to be a higher quality. And, just a side note, when wine has that thin paper label around the top, its indicative of DOCG or DOC and it means Denominazione di origine controllata (“Controlled designation of origin”) which is a quality assurance label for Italian products, mostly wine. So, the grapes are really Italian grapes.

The description says its has “notes of peach, golden apple, acacia and wisteria.” Having never had wisteria, I can’t say we knew it was there and that goes for the acacia, too. However, there is a hint of apple and a sweetness that is probably from the peach but its not really peachy in taste just in sweetness.

And in case you are curious, we had cheese, crackers and crab stuffed mushrooms for the appetizers. For dinner we had lamb, salmon and turkey as the main courses. The Prosecco was very good with the appetizers, just the right balance. We also opened the second bottle just before dinner so a few of us had some left to pair with our meal. It was good but we also had a Chardonnay that I think complemented a bit better because it was full-body and paired better with the meats.

The final verdict: Prosecco is a good all around sparkling wine. It pairs well with appetizers and definitely after dinner, is light and crisp with a nice hint of sweet. I don’t think I’d serve it with a main course in the future. Costco has it for $6.99 so the price is great. Prosecco as a whole usually runs between $10-$13. We’re heading up there to get some more since we’re not sure how long Costco will have it in stock. You should do the same.