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DCanter 545 8th St. SE Washington, DC 20003

545 8th St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

We were driving home from a mid-week lunch date (couples still need to do that ya know) and on Chelai’s Instagram feed, she saw DCanter was having a tasting. Since we had to pass by there on our way home and have been wanting to check them out, we decided to stop in a see if we could catch the tail end of the tasting.

If you haven’t been to DCanter, definitely consider checking it. It’s in the Barracks Row section of the city, right on the corner of 8th Street in SE. They call themselves a wine boutique and that they are. The space is clean, inviting and the wines are very reasonably priced. The last part suprised us considering the area and upscale atmosphere. And the owners…they are so nice and helpful. They are a husband and wife team who are also very knowledgeable of their selections.

The wines are diverse and organized by type. There are wines from all over the world. On one side of the store they have wines which are priced at $16 and up. The other side is the tasting area, space where they have classes and where they house the hard to find and more expensive wines.

The tasting consisted of Cabernet Sauvignon. We were so consumed with tasting and exploring the shop we totally forgot to jot down the names of the wine BUT we will tell you that one was from US, one was from France and one was from Chile. Chelai liked the Chilean wine the most and Kelley the French one. The Chilean was more robust and the French was a bit more mellow.

What did we wind up buying? A totally different wine than we tasted. While the tasting was good, we wanted something different. Check back next week for that selection.

If you are in the Barracks Row area, definitely stop in. Since DCanter isn’t too far from our house, we’ve already declared it a place to go to pick up nice bottle of wine. You should, too!