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Running Hare

We have been running the Maryland winery circuit lately and visited Running Hare Vineyard locatd in Calvert County. We were told this place looked like Tuscany and Napa. That it did! The road leading to the wine tasting building is surpisingly long but when you get there its very picturesque.  In the spring/summer, this place will be gorgeous! They also have a outdoor tasting room that is open during the summer months which we plan to hit up when the weather breaks.

When we go visit wineries we always bring snacks. Hummus and guac tend to be our staples. Imagine our surpise when we walked in and saw everyone sitting at tables had snacks. Some had cheese and fruit, others had dips and one table had a crockpot with soup. What?!?! You best believe we are taking the crockpot, too, next time we visit in the winter season.

running hare snacks

We used a Living Social coupon so we were able to get a tasting, souvenir glasses and a bottle of wine to take home for $20. And for this endeavor, the Doc and the Nurse joined us for the day (they were tripping over the crockpot, too).

We tasted 7 wines. We honestly liked almost everything which is always a good thing. The Chardonnay (19.99) was great! Its wasn’t oaky and was more buttery. The Sangiovese ($23.99) was a new one for us. Kelley loved it as its a red wine (of course!) and it was spicy. The tasting associate told us its a base grape for Chianti. If you are like us, you have no clue how to pronounce this wine so here is the phonetic: San-Jo-Vee-Say. But, you have to say it fast and like you’re Italian.

Next up was the Reisling which was crisp and not as sweet as other Reislings we have had. We also liked the Jack Rabbit White ($19.99) which happened to be the Nurse’s favorite. It was described to us as “grape juice with kick,” a very good analogy. It would be great for summer and has 13% alcohol as a side note. Last was the beloved Chambourcin ($25.99) but it was made as a dessert wine. On the nose, the chocolate was immediate. Its oaked for 3 years but wasn’t oaky and it has 17% alcohol. This is one of those dessert wines that you reserve for a special occassion and some chocolate.

Running Hare Vineyard was a great winery to visit. They encourage you to stay for a while, relax and sip. Right up our alley!

Purchases: Chardonnay, Sangiovese, Riesling. At Running Hare we split the Jack Rabbit White and Chardonnay with our Wine Crew.