We have been to Port of Leonardtown Winery serveral times. We have even volunteered with them at a wine festival so as you can tell they are one of our favorite wineries. We ran down there (they are in Southern MD) in late December to capitalize on their 25% off all wines sale. You cannot miss those kinds of sales. We got 7 bottles of wine for $75 and one of them was a $25 bottle. Great sale!

Since we got there 15 minutes before they were closing and on the last day of the sale, we don’t have any pictures but we wanted to share with you our favorites. First up is the McIntosh Run. This is their apple wine and it is so good. It’s not super sweet either. It’s perfect after work or as a happy hour wine. We also like their Chambourcin which is Kelley’s favorite. They have a Reserve and a “Regular” Chambourcin. The Reserve is the “Regular” one kicked up. It’s deeper in flavor and very much full-bodied.  We also purchased their Vidal Blanc. It’s light and crisp and a great sip wine.

The only thing we don’t like about Port of Leonardtown is that they don’t have a wine club but if they did, we’ll would definitely sign up! Next time we visit, we will definitely update this post with a couple of photos. Until then, do yourself a favor and visit Port of Leonardtown Winery.