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la sera


I happened upon the Wine Loft in Pikesville, MD (Baltimore County) recently. I was walking past and they had a sign for a free tasting. Bingo! I walked in and they had about 7 wines to taste with varying prices and varietals. I was in a red wine mood so I tasted a red wine blend that was very good and ran $13.99. Then I tasted the La Sera Red Ambrosia. It was listed as a dessert wine. Usually dessert wines are in slim bottles with high alcohol contents. This wine was the complete opposite. It was in a “regular” wine bottle and boasts 5.5% alcohol. Also the price was $9.99 and on special for 10% if I bought it today. Dessert wines can easy run you $25 and above.

I really enjoyed this wine. It is definitely a dessert wine but its very light and it’s a bubbly which make it unique. Raspberry is very prominent on the nose but it’s not a fruit wine. We had it with a plain cheesecake–a perfect match. This is the kind of wine that I recommend drinking in one setting because it has bubbles and you don’t want those to go flat. Also, you cannot pair this with food, only dessert. If I were hosting a dinner party, I would serve this with dessert or having a dessert and champagne party I would again serve this as an addition to the champagne. Because it is so sweet, I would also lean on the side of pairing this with a simple dessert, not one that is rich or too chocolately. As I was reading some tasting notes, one said it’s good for summer and that it’s slightly sweet. Wrong! It’s straight up sweet, not slightly sweet. If you like sweet wines, it’s perfect for summer as well.

I will definitely purchase this one again. And, with my discount and tax, the bottle came up to $9.80. Not bad for unplanned wine purchase. On another note, if you are in the Pikesville area, make stop over to the Wine Loft and check them out.