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On may way home one Friday night, I stopped into Whole Foods Foggy Bottom and picked up some steaks that were on sale (you have to get on those sales!). While I was there they had a wine tasting and well, you know I had to stop over there. They had a Malbec and Zinfandel (not white my friends) that I thought would go well with dinner. I settled on the Malbec and at $9.99 a bottle I thought it was a good deal off the $13.99 regular price.

On the nose, the berry was evident and it wasn’t robust but rather mellow so not to overpower but complement. I like Malbec’s because I think they pair very well with spicy and flavorful foods. I personally believe its because they are Argentine wines. This was also a great sip wine. We had a glass while we were making the steaks. The red wine aficionado enjoyed it very much. Diseno, now on my list!