Next up was Rebec Vineyards. These wines were really interesting. Let’s start with the Sweet Sofia. It really tasted like an herb-infused wine or rather “Thanksgiving” as they describe it. It was like Italian seasoning in wine. With your stuffing and turkey this would be off the hook particularly if you go to someone’s house and they don’t cook well. This would help out the meal. It was different but I would not sip it. Only drink with food. Only.

The Cherry wine was pretty good. It was tart but a hint of sweet. Definitely a summer sip. We tasted the Riesling but it was not memorable unfortunately. I do remember the Merlot. It was pretty good and was a bit earthy….as a side note, I just learned was people mean when they say “earthy.” Our interpretation is .It’s another way to say dry with a flatness. There is no punch, no boldness. Usually this references red wine.