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This past weekend we went to an estate sale for the first time. As we looked around, we spotted some wine. They were in a box, in the back of a basement closet. The owner was aging them…interesting! We inquired and were  told the bottles were selling for $3  a bottle. They were French and Chilean wines. Let’s give it a shot, we thought! We bought 4 bottles and I’m glad it didn’t cost a penny more. This wine was actually over-aged. They were 1992 and 1994 vintages. The red wine was a Cabernet Sauvignon. It was  sedentary at the bottom and tasted like vinegar. If it wasn’t for the sedentary, we would have kept it and used it as red wine vinegar. And the color was a muddy red.


The white was a Chardonnay. It was a deep yellow and the flavor was just off. It tasted Chardonnay like but not quite. It was not good. And as you see from the photo the cork disintegrated when we tried to open it.

Lastly, we had a dessert wine and we didn’t even taste it. I can’t even describe it any further.

The lesson: not all wine needs to be aged. We have a bottle of Petit Verdot  from North Gate Vineyards and were told to drink it now or we can wait about 10 months and it should be great, no more than that. When we went to trust Google, we learned that most wines don’t need to age more than a year. We also were glad that we paid $3 a bottle because any more than that would have been a complete bummer. But, for $3 a bottle, it’s a lesson. Learn from us!