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sweetshineA few weeks ago we did our wine pick up at North Gate and decided to drive the additional 15 minutes over the West Virginia line to Bloomery Sweetshine. We’ve been wanting to visit but they closed recently and opened back up. This is a really interesting place. How so you ask? It looks like a converted shack and according to Kelley (whose family lives in W. Va) it’s very W. Va looking…you have to go to W. Va to understand. The staff is very friendly and the tasting is unlike anything you’ve experienced. Our tasters cracked jokes, told embarrassing stories and were also very knowledgeable of their product at the same time.

They are know for liqueurs. We tried several and winded up buying the Black Walnut. They give you that little book (pictured above) with recipes. The drink we made had equal parts Black Walnut and rum then was topped off with coke. For the Nurse—this is up your alley!

Bloomery Sweetshine is the kind of place you go pick up your liqueurs not stay around and drink them. All in all, since we liked our cocktail, we would go back and get more but wouldn’t go out of our way to visit. Maybe we’ll swing past on our next wine pick up.