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We first went to Saude Creek last summer and this summer came back again. It’s on the way to Hampton Roads, not too far off I-64. We have a list of wines we like and they are on it for sure.


We didn’t do a tasting this time and instead decided to go off our wine list. Since we wanted to keep our spending to $40, we opted for the Squire’s Blend and The Tavern White. Both are semi-sweet wines. The Squire’s Blend is literally a blend. It’s part Chambourcin and part Muscadine so it has a nice blush color. It’s tasted like Chambourcin with a big kick of sweet. To more specific, it has berry flavor and doesnt posess the boldness Chambourcin usually has so it is perfect for summer.

The Tavern White is a summer sip as well. It has the sweetness of summer fruit but a nice mellowness about it. This one is my favorite and the Squire’s Blend is Kelley’s–if you read out blog, this is not surprising.

The porch at Saude Creek is awesome. It’s the perfect spot to sip and snack. If you go, let us know what you think.