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Have you ever put your wine in the freezer just for a few minutes but winded up completely forgetting about it? Yep, this happened to us. What do you do? Well, we went to Google but in an effort to save you the endless reading we’ll summarize.

In short, all is not lost. We put ours in the fridge and let it defrost there. Did it taste different? YES. But it wasn’t too far off from the actual taste of the wine. It lost a little of its punch (we had a red wine by the way) but was still pretty good. And, there weren’t any particles at the bottom which Google warned us about.

So, if you freeze your wine in the future you can still drink it however we will add that you should be prepared for the flavor to be slightly off. Also, be sure to pair it well. I planned our wine to be a sip but after opening post freeze, it was better served paired.