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When we first tried Trump wines about 15 years ago we didn’t like them. They were super dry and we were newbie wine drinkers so we liked everything sweet. Needless to say, we were not impressed. Fast forward to today and we heard all these great things about Trump wines so we decided to give them a shot. They had a booth at the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival and we made sure to swing by. That was good stuff! We ultimately walked away with the 2009 Blanc de Blanc. Vintage is important as they have 2008 but we had the 2009. It’ll run you just shy of $25 and it’s worth it. Crisp, light, not overpowering and not sweet but not so dry where it can turn you off. We also learned that that switched up the process for making their wines so that could have contributed in part to our initial dislike.

This wine would be great for Thanksgiving or Christmas mostly because of the bubbles but also it’s hard to go wrong with bubbly–it just pairs well with so many things and goes over with mostly everyone.