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We have heard good things about Breaux Vineyards and decided to check them out. When you arrive, the property is large and there are two buildings–one for tasting and one for events. There is also a greeter when you arrive because, yes, the tasting room is that large.

There is a standard tasting menu and another for wine club members which is a nice perk. The standard menu had 6 wines on it. I thought that was pretty slim considering it was $10 to taste BUT I was surprised that everything was good. You won’t believe it…we both like everything. I know–shock. Kelley liked some more than I did but overall all the wines were really good.


The standouts for both of us were the 2014 Viognier, the 2013 Marquis de Lafayette, 2014 Jennifer’s Jambalaya and the 2010 Cellar Club. Only the Viognier was white and we have never had a Viognier that good. The tasting associate told us that it won an award and its been said that it taste how Viognier is supposed to taste.

The Marquis de Lafayette had that boldness that VA reds are known for and we had it with dinner one night, it was really off the hook. I’m discovering that I really enjoy Cab Franc and this one did not disappoint. Kelley is saving the Cellar Club to open later but that was his absolute favorite. It was bold and complex in flavor. The sweet tobacco and pepper are standouts in the flavor department.

Jennifer’s Jambalaya was a blend and I really feel like that if you are have a diverse and broad palate, you can’t go wrong with a blend.

The one thing we liked about all the wines is that they were sip wines so no worrying about having to pair them. Because sometimes you just want to come home and have a glass of wine while you cool down from the day.

We liked Breaux so much that are considering joining their wine club.