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In late January we spent the afternoon in St. Michael’s, MD. If you are unfamiliar, St. Michael’s is located about 1.5 hrs from the DC area. It’s a great afternoon trip and if you want, staying overnight is definitely an option.

We landed upon St. Michael’s just after the 2016 Blizzard so there wasn’t much of a crowd. Our first stop was Mike and Eric’s Front Street Restaurant & Bar. Mike helped us and I’m telling you, he was the nicest guy ever. So engaging and really made the start of our trip great. The food was delicious. We had the lamb bolognese and the lamb burger. Yum! Can you tell we like lamb?


Mike and Eric’s (photo courtesy of Tripadvisor.com)

Next stop after a little walking around was Lyon Distilling. You must go here when you are in St. Michael’s. This was one the best rums we’ve had. The dark rum was actually a batch the owner made for friends. His wife encouraged him to bottle for the distillery and it turns out that it’s their best seller. The dark rum runs $39. We also got the corn whisky (aka moonshine). That was $60. We like both because they are smooth and you can tell they are good quality. The rum is 90 proof, the whiskey is 100 proof.

Last stop was St. Michael’s Winery. This winery is unique in that you pay $1 per tasting. So you try as many as you want for $1 a pop. We liked 2 of their wines the most. We ended up getting the Pinot Gris which is white and has a crispness to it, not too sweet, not too dry ($17). The other we liked was the Island Beauty Reserve but we weren’t in the mood to drop $45 when we just left the distillery.



All in all, we had a great afternoon. Next time, we’re going to start out when it’s early and warmer. We’re definitely going back to Mike & Eric’s and will swing past Lyon Distilling to replenish our soon to be depleted stash. Two bottles of rum next time for sure!