I was in Wegman’s in Alexandria  (which is my new favorite grocery store by the way…you’ll see why in a bit) the day before Valentine’s Day grocery shopping. It was the madhouse you’d think it would be but it was also great. How is grocery shopping great? It becomes so when there are wine samples! In Maryland there is no alcohol sold in grocery stores but they do sell wine and beer in DC and VA.

As I neared the meat department, I saw a gentleman with two types of wine near the butcher case. Not being one to pass up samples, I partook. The first was a red wine blend. It was good but it lacked the “robustness” I like red wines to have. It was mellow but it was good. I explained to the sales associate that I had a Petit Verdot at home that we planned on having for Valentine’s Day so I wouldn’t need to purchase a red wine. The Petit Verdot we had was from our North Gate pick up a year ago.  At the suggestion of the winemakers, we aged it for a year and planned to open it with our totally divine Valentine’s Day dinner.

While at the meat department, I also sampled the sparkling wine Bon Vivant. It was really good. Not too sweet, not too dry. It was interesting becuse it tasted slightly sweet on the palate but finished dry. I really liked it! I talked to the wine associate a little more, picked up my meat, and told him if I’m still thinking about it in the next two aisles, I’ll be back. We’ll in less than two aisles I called Kelley, told him about it and came back. It was selling for $19.99 which was reasonable.

As I finished my shopping, I went over to the wine section and was totally surprised. They had a really nice variety of local wines and wines from other states. I saw several bottles from Breaux Vineyards, Trump Winery and a few others. Once I saw the Trump Blanc de Blanc, I became torn. We really like that one and the $22.99 price tag made it competitively priced. However, I was only buying one. After calling Kelley back he left it up to me. Grrr. In the end, I chose the Bon Vivant. And I chose it because we had Blanc de Blanc before and now knew where to get it so I thought we should try something different to see if we should add this to our repertoire.


When I got home someone thought that we should chill it and open it right after dinner that night although I thought it would be great after our Valentine’s Day dinner. I think Kelley was just excited to try it. And, he liked it. As I mentioned, it’s slightly sweet but dry so he was surprised at first sip. After two or three, he really began to enjoy it.

I would recommend this bubbly if your wine partner likes dry and you like sweet or vice versa. I think it’s a hapoy medium.

See you in the wine department!