We have visited several wineries and along the way, have learned a few tips when visiting wineries. With the summer season upon us, this is a great time of year to share a few things we have learned.

1. GO EARLY: when you visit a winery early in the day (like near opening time) there is a very good chance you don’t have a crowd, the tasting associates aren’t rushed and you can be a little leisurely with asking questions and sampling. And besides, who wants to visit a winery 15 minutes before they close–no bueno.

2. CALL IN ADVANCE: there is nothing worse than visiting a winery and not knowing what time they close, how much the tasting fee is and any events going on when you visit. These factors can enhance an experience when in your favor or make it a disaster when not.

3. PACK SNACKS: as you can tell we love taking snacks to wineries.  Hummus is always a winner and so is guac because they pair well and don’t overpower. We almost always pack snacks unless we are doing a quick pick up. Food helps you enjoy the experience. It’s great to go with friends, eat a few bites and split a bottle of wine. Bringing your own food also saves some $$. Some wineries offer bites but they can add up. Pack your own this way you are enjoying what you know you will like. Also, when you call ahead, you’ll find out of you can bring outside food as not all wineries allow this.

4. GO OUTSIDE: most wineries have vines on the property and picturesque views. Sit outside for a bit and soak up the scenary. Gorgeous views mellow you out and remind us to take in nature’s beauty.