In April we headed out to the Decanter Festival sponsored by Maryland Wine. This year it was held at Laurel Race Track and they have a Kentucky Derby-esque theme. I say “esque” because we dressed up but several folks didn’t but I think it adds to the fun of the event. Anyway, when we arrived, we noticed that the wineries we hadn’t tried were inside and those wineries we had visited or were familiar with were outside. Maryland Wine, do you read our blog?


We were intentional to visit those wineries that weren’t near us like those in Harford County or near the PA/MD line. I must say, that was a good idea. These places had some good stuff!Today we wanted to spotlight the Chardonnay at Harford Vineyard and Winery. This particular wine was rather crisp, a little fruity and totally different than any other Chardonnay we’ve tried. And, even though it had these qualities, it wasn’t sweet but more like refreshing. Chardonnay tends to be oaky and dry. This was the total opposite and I couldn’t believe it was Chardonnay. It was great for summer and definitely on my “sip list.” Can’t wait to visit and get another bottle.