​We won tickets from Jen over at Love and Wine Blog to attend the Frederick Wine Festival. Thanks Jenn!! First off, it was hot as hell when we went and because I was on vacation and hadn’t been to the grocery store, we hit up Costco for the Caesar salad and chicken sandwich combo for $6.99. Yay Costco! We love that place.

On to the wines…where to begin? The one main winery I wanted to visit was Big Cork Vineyard and I must say their wines were some of the better wines we tasted. As Kelley and I reviewed the litany of wines we tasted, one thing is to be said about Maryland Wines–overall, many of the wines are mellow and differ in the level of “robustness” of Virginia wines. And, almost every winery had a Vidal Blanc and they all tasted totally different. The best for us, was Rockland Farm Vidal Blanc. It stood out for sure. 

We did hit Orchid Meadery and Winery. They were totally different, I mean, it’s a meadery! And, if you aren’t familiar, meads are made with honey and water. Technically it’s a wine but it’s a mead in reality. We had one that was spicy and I’m telling you, it was sweet and spicy and something totally different on your pallette. Go there and buy!

The other stand outs were the 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from Big Cork and the Russian Kiss. Kelley really enjoyed the ciders from Cidery. They were not sweet at all and they told us this when we tasted. Totally different than the ciders we like at Great Shoals but still really good.

I’m really glad we went and we can’t wait to visit Frederick again…when it’s not so hot.