A few weeks ago, I was on Groupon and saw a deal for Running Hare Winery that we could not pass up. Normally the Groupon’s for this winery run $22 but on this day they were $5 off plus an additional $10 so we paid $7 at the end of the day for 2 wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Score!! We thought to use it on a quiet weekend, which happened to be this past weekend. 

I like Running Hare because the grounds are gorgeous and if Kelley and I hadn’t gotten married 10 years ago, we may have tied the knot here. The other reason is its about 45 minutes aaway whereas most wineries we visit are just over one hour. The wine at Running Hare, or the Crockpot Winery, is good and makes for a  great afternoon. However, the downer is that they only plant two grapes-Chambourcin and Cayuga. All other varietals are shipped in from NY. 

We stuck with our usuals, the Sangiovese and Reisling. I would like to see more. Since we have been going there has been nothing  new except the Cabernet Sauvingnion but that’s only for club members and runs $65 per bottle. A nice plus is that they have an outdoor tasting room which stays open most of the year.

It’s a great place to visit if you have a Groupon and I highly encourage you to pick one up for a pleasant afternoon in Southern Maryland. Groupon also has great deals on other wineries so don’t sleep on those deals. Great Shoals has a Groupon up, too, and you know how we feel about them.