What a great winery! We lucked up and had Bonnie and Bill, the owners, help us. They are such nice people. Zephaniah Farm Vineyard is a little different from other wineries in that instead of ponying up to the tasting bar, you choose one of 3 rooms to sit in and they bring the wine to you to taste. Such a unique concept. Love It! 

While we were there, we tried Chambourcin, of course! We also tasted 2 great whites–Steamship and Adeline. Honestly, we liked pretty much everything. I think in part because, as Bonnie shares with us, this is a family business and as such they vote on the wine before they release it. 8 people have to come to consensus! Again, something for everyone here.

What’s also unique is that Zepahniah names their wine after family or significant elements of their family. And, they don’t have wine club and, are only open on the weekends. However, you can call if you have a wine emergency. They are happy to help you. 

When you go, ask Bonnie for her no-stir risotto recipe. It pairs well with the Steamship White.