Wines We Like

Maryland Wines
White Wines

  • 2011 Cayuga White by Port Leondardtown Winery
  • 2013 Traminette by Port Leondardtown Winery (replaces the Cayuga White)
  • White Merlot by Solomon’s Island Winery
  • Tavern White by Saude Creek Vineyard
  • Chardonnay Reserve by Saude Creek Vineyard
  • Fallen Leaf by Romano Winery (Not too sweet, not too dry)
  • Reisling by Running Hare Vineyard
  • Chardonnay by Running Hare Vineyard (not oaky, faintly tastes like traditional Chardonnay)
  • Stainless Steel Chardonnay by Great Shoals Winery (no oaky-ness)
  • Bayside Mist by Great Shoals Winery

Red Wines

  • 2010 Chambourcin Reserve by Port Leonardtown Winery (Robust)
  • Jubilee by Romano Winery (Sweet and great after work)
  • Barbera by Romano Winery
  • Sauvagionese by Running Hare Vineyard

Fruit Wines

  • Raspberry Wine by Linganore Vinery (light and good for after dinner or appetizers)
  • McIntosh Run (Apple Wine) by Port Leonardtown Winery (Great as an appetizer)
  • Pineapple Pinot Grigio by Solomons Island Winery (Light and all around wine, perfect for summer)

Virginia Wines
White Wines

  • Eclipse White by Horton
  • Niagara by Horton
  • Rkatsiteli by Horton
  • Lake Anna White by Lake Anna in Lake Anna, VA
  • Reisling by 868 Estate in Purcellville, VA
  • Chardonnay Reserve by 868 Estate in Purcellville, VA
  • LoCo Vino by 8 Chains North (Not too sweet, not too dry)

Red Wines

  • Cabernet Franc by 868 Estate in Purcellville
  • Monarch by 868 Estate in Purcellville
  • 2013 Chambourcin by North Gate Vineyard (Robust and good all around wine)
  • Settler’s Spiced Wine by Jamestown Cellars (Williamsburg Winery)
  • Squires Blend by Saude Creek Vineyard
  • Cabernet Franc by Saude Creek
  • Sweet Rebellion by Saude Creek

Fruit Wines

  • Cranberry wine by Horton (Great for Winter and with Meat)
  • Raspberry Wine by Horton (Great for Summer)
  • Apple Wine by North Gate Vineyard (Delicious, perfect for summer)

Specialty Wines

  • Blanco XOCO by Horton (White dessert wine)

Additional Wines

White Wines

  • 2006 Reisling by Monchhof
  • Vidal Blanc by Shindig (Light and crisp Summer wine)
  • White Cat by Hazlitt (Perfect for summer)

Red Wines

  • Old Vines Zinfandel by St. Francis
  • Apothic Red by Apothic Wines (Great all-around wine)


  • Bugey Cerdon by Kermit Lynch
  • Moscato by Annalisa
  • Secco by Hillinger
  • Va de Vi by Gloria Ferrar
  • Moscato by Nivole Michele Chiarlo


  • Little Bosco by Malvasia di Castelnuvo Don Bosco

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